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Synergy Modular Home Extensions

What is light steel framing
and why do we use it?

Instead of traditional blockwork or timber frames, we use light steel framing (LSF) to build your Synergy Modular Home Extension. This allows us to build modular pods and panels in our factory that are strong enough to be lifted into position. There are also many other benefits to using LSF – such as reduced wastage in the build process and better fire resistance, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation.


Why choose LSF?

Light steel frames vs traditional blockwork

Environmentally Friendly

LSF embodies less carbon and creates less wastage than traditional blockwork construction - a wastage rate of 1%, as opposed to the 20% wastage rate of dense concrete blockwork. There is also waste recycling at the manufacturing stage.

Better Performance

As well as increased fire resistance, sustainability benefits of LSF and modular construction are based on the off-site nature of the construction process allowing for better thermal insulation and acoustic insulation when compared with traditional processes.

Quicker Build Time

Firstly, LSF is much faster to assemble into a robust structure when compared to blockwork. Secondly, whilst we prepare your foundation on site we are already building your home extension in our factory. Thirdly, building in our factory means weather delays are less likely.