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Synergy Modular Home Extensions

Home extensions installed
in just 2 weeks.

Transform your home with a Synergy Modular Home Extension. Our home extensions look and feel just like a traditional home extension but we build them in our quality controlled factory and deliver them to you. This means your home extension can be up to 90% complete when it arrives, getting rid of the disruption and mess that can be caused by having builders at your home.


Better than traditional

How does a Synergy Modular Home Extension compare?

Higher Quality

Your home extension is built in our quality controlled factory where our production manager makes sure your extension is built to the highest standard at every stage.

Quicker Build Time

Whilst we prepare your foundation on site, your extension is already being built in our factory. Building in our factory also means that weather delays are less likely.

Less Disruption

With up to 90% of your home extension being built in our factory, it means there is much less disruption being caused by builders at your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Our factory build process means less material wastage and by delivering your extension to site in one go we also reduce the number of vehicle movements.

Lower Cost

Reduced material wastage, better efficiencies, economies of scale, and quicker build times all mean that we can reduce costs in our process and we pass these savings on to you.

Better Performance

Designed and built to have a high performing acoustic and thermally insulated wall construction which leads to reduced energy costs compared to alternative extensions.

/Build Method

In panels or a complete pod

How is a Synergy Modular Home Extension built?

What will I get – pod or panels?

Both our pods and panels are built using the exact same materials and processes. The reason we offer a panel built home extension is because it is not always logistically or economically feasible to lift a full pod over your house. Due to the weight of the full pod, a larger crane is required to lift it and sometimes the extra cost is not justifiable. Also, if your house extension is a certain size then sometimes it is simply too big to transport on the road.


Choose your specifications

What does a Synergy Modular Home Extension look like?


From start to finish

What is the process?



Give us a call or use our Online Quote tool to tell us about your desired home extension specifications.


Indicative Quote

We will give you an indicative quotation to begin with and then we will arrange a site visit.


Site Visit

A representative will come to your home to conduct a site visit so that we can firm up your quotation.


Firm Quote

After the site visit we will send you a firm quotation and discuss our payment terms with you.


Site Works

Our site team will come to your home and prepare your home extension foundation.



Meanwhile, your Synergy Modular Home Extension is built in our quality controlled factory.



We deliver your home extension to site and Synergy Lifting will lift it into position.


Final Install

We complete the final installation works on site and hand it over ready for you to use it.




What does a Synergy Modular Home Extension look like?

We have various design options for your home extension so you can choose the size, roof type, external finishes, windows, and doors that you want.

How big can a Synergy Modular Home Extension be?

Your Synergy Modular Home Extension can be as big as you want. Our modular panels can be connected together so that any length of wall is achievable.

Do I need to arrange a builder for my Synergy Modular Home Extension?

No. We take care of the full project for you, ensuring that everything is coordinated and runs smoothly.